My Mother’s Garden

my mothers garden

“Real love does not demand perfection but actually embraces imperfection.” Five years and going! ♥ Celebrated at My Mother’s Garden in Pasay City, the beautiful home of Pablo Antonio Sr, National Artist for Architecture (the man behind FEU, Manila Polo Club, Bel-Air Apartments, Ideal Theater’s (and among others) Art Deco Style). My pictures are an understatement of this place’s beauty.

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Projects That I Have Always Wanted to Blog About


For this week, I wanted to share what projects I wanted to work on and will blog about in the next few months (I guess). Clear and direct – no lieu or any idiom. And oh, this is the first post that I have experienced the so-called “writer’s block” (as if I am a writer huh).

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Few Changes and Some Announcements

It’s my time of the week again here at Some Drama. Honest to goodness, I am very happy on how this blog went, from my initial direction of having it as a food blog to a personal blog down to every likes and follows that I had. Thank you guys! 🙂 Now I am ready to announce the changes that I am currently doing here at Some Drama.

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DIY Rubber Stamp (Steps and Ideas)

I have been MIA last month but I am working on this project for two weeks now. Finally, here it is! I guess I am enjoying a lot on this new hobby of mine, doing simple crafts over the weekend. I also feel that it is something that I can share online, aside from my food dates and drama stuff (hee).

diy rubber stamp

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Diary: Cinemalaya 2012

cinemalaya 2012

Each year, ten fresh talents are given a seed grant in order to create the film of their dreams. These films in the New Breed Full Length Category are then featured in festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippines every July and compete for the coveted Balanghai Award.

I have been attending this short film festival since college. At first, it came as a requirement from my professor. Now, it came as an essential, like an annual devotion. It may sound overrated, but for a film buff like me, it serves as a good dose of fresh films; films that reflect reality without any silver lining and films that reflect the society I am in. Plus, it makes me reminisce college. Now I am sounding like a student who’s writing her reflection paper on Cinemalaya 2012.

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DIY: Rope and Chain Double Wrap Bracelet

DIY bracelet

I feel super happy that I am able to finish this post, my first ever DIY in my entire blogging life, and that I have new arm candies at hand. For this week, I am going to teach you how to do a fancy chain bracelet, inspired by a nice tutorial I found on Pinterest, Studs and Pearls’ DIY: Cord and Chain Double Wrap Bracelet.

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