Ace Water and Spa Pasig Experience

ace water and spa pasig

If there is one place that has the rarest negative review over Google-landia, I guess it will be Ace Water and Spa. Being a great place to hang out and swim, I got to experience why this place is indeed suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers (ahem!) alike, why is it worth trying out and why I will always come back.

ace and water spa pasig lapping pool

I was there with my birthday-boy boyfriend early this month and I am overwhelmed with my experience there. Before we arrived to that day, I searched over the ‘net for reviews of this place so that I can have the idea of what to expect and the other what-to’s because it’s our first time there. One thing I noticed is that most of the reviews are positive, that I cannot even think of another way to describe it.

ace water and spa pasig

Ace Water and Spa had its first branch at Quezon City and the one that we went to was their Pasig branch, a more convenient location for people like me living in the south.

.. utilizes “Ultrasonic Jet System” that massages specific areas of the body with its aquatic jets strategically located to relax and soothe tired and aching muscles. This treatment is best done in heated water.

There was an event going on when we went there, Mr. and Ms. Islands Philippines 2012, a bikini-open as to what I have seen.

ace water and spa pasig

ace water and spa pasig reception area

Price and Ambiance

Looking at the reviews as late as 2010, their price hasn’t changed from Php 550 for the adults and Php 250 for the kids 4 feet and below, which is good for four hours. Yes it’s pricey but I have a coupon that time, so my wallet is safe 🙂

As for the ambiance, the yellowish lighting in the locker and shower rooms, as well as in the waiting area outside made me feel the relaxing vibe of the place even before dipping in their pools. Upon payment, you will be given keys to your lockers where the point of strictly-no-cameras start.

ace water and spa pasig locker bracelets

ace water and spa pasig locker and shower rooms

No slippers are allowed inside so the staff will get yours upon entrance. They have their own slippers which they will provide in lieu of yours but you need to have them off upon exit on the other side, which is the pool area. A swimming cap is also provided and you need to wear it at all times (seriously).

All you need to bring is your swimsuit (strictly no board shorts or any non-swimming attire, preferably spandex) and towel. Liquid body soap and shampoo are readily available, plus hair gel, hair blowers (like those in the salons), plastic bags (to pack your wet stuff) and cotton buds.

Towel and swimsuit rentals are also available, with corresponding prices (trunks = Php 100, swimsuits = Php 200), so I suggest you bring your own. Upon entrance to the pool itself, you need to leave your towel behind and they have a rack for that. The place is clean that you can smell the chlorine out of the waters and feel it from your feet touching the floor.

What I Love

I am being so wordy right now so I’ll go straight to the point why I loved AWS:

  • This place is like a theme park, except that they offer different pools as attractions minus the long lines and the adrenaline rush.
  • Privacy wise, this place implements it well. Their no-camera policy goes well with it, but will make our memory-keeping-sake suffer.
  • The pools don’t go deeper than 4 point something. I cannot remember it exactly, as indicated in their lapping pool and same goes with their hydrotherapy pools. This is nice for non-swimmers like me.
  • The temperature of their pools are great, for it doesn’t chill the hell out of me (both for the lapping and hydro pools, except for one small cold pool that’s in the middle of their herbal pools). That is what hydrotherapy is.
  • Their life guards are alert, like Lou & Lou, the Safety Patrol. They are very observant. My boyfriend was whistled on twice because he slipped his swimming cap twice. It made us laugh though. Another example is that they whistled to a little boy who stopped in the middle of the lapping pool (where half of it is a non-stop swimming area, where the boy is, and great for those practicing their swimming skills). So I guess when somebody needs serious help, they are there to do their job.
  • There are no mirrors aside from those in the locker room (no body mirrors). I believe that it’s great because it makes the customers set their looks aside. You will not be conscious on how you look with your swimsuit (or trunks) together with the swimming cap. At first you might be shy that you need to wear strictly swimsuits but it’ll go off because everyone in there is wearing one. Just enjoy!
  • The four hours is more than enough. Every pool has a button in it to activate the jets. The most that I have seen there are three minutes (as recommended by them). So if you’re going to be so compliant with it, you can finish everything in an hour or less. But since a lot of their pools are too good to just experience in a few minutes, me and my boyfriend went around and round, repeating the “attractions” like what we do in a theme park. (Note: Not recommended to those people with health problems.)
  • They offer soft, moderate and hard massages. They also have a steam and sauna room. The complete list  at the Services section in their website.
  • Favorite hydrotherapy pools: Rainfall Acupuncture, Bubble Bed, Eight Nozzle Shower, Herbal Pools and their Lapping Pool. Plus Water Falls (boyfriend’s favorite).
ace water and spa cafeteria

They also have their own restaurant which has a buffet promo. I have seen a few items at their menu which goes Php 275+ the least (plus service charge and tax). We didn’t ate there but seeing other reviews, I guess it’s worth the try.

ace and water spa pasig buffet promo

The Verdict

We are actually coming back there again late this month. I enjoyed there so much and I guess there is no way that you can’t too. We are together with other families (in big groups with kids and their Lolo’s and Lola’s) having fun. For sure, whoever you are with, may it be your friends or family or your special someone, this is a great place to be. Imagine, you can relax and swim in the middle of the metro, without the hassle of long trips out of town. Five stars, you got me AWS!

ace water and spa pasig

United St., cor. Brixton St.
near Pioneer, Pasig City

Trunkline Number: (02) 451.1111

Location Map

Customer Hotline: 330-7776 / 404-9995


15 thoughts on “Ace Water and Spa Pasig Experience

  1. Hi, Im planning to go there..good review. May I ask if I can use the pictures here? Just in case I don’t have the chance to take pictures? *not for blog..just to post on my facebook..haha bit a lil worried that I can’t have pictures to post 🙂

  2. i was so disappointed that the employees made us pay for a used towel that we took to the spa and’s not like we put it in our suitcase and brought it home… it was really a bad experience and made me think that maybe it is the style they use if u dont utilize any of the amenities they offer for rent… they cherged us Php1000 for it and promised to contact us should it shows up but no word till now after.. the staff in the spa are very unfriendly.. only the f&b manager made the difference..very poor….

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