DIY Rubber Stamp (Steps and Ideas)

I have been MIA last month but I am working on this project for two weeks now. Finally, here it is! I guess I am enjoying a lot on this new hobby of mine, doing simple crafts over the weekend. I also feel that it is something that I can share online, aside from my food dates and drama stuff (hee).

diy rubber stamp

I was inspired to do this when I stumbled upon Creature Comforts’ DIY Tag-Shaped Stamps on Pinterest.

diy stamp

At first, all I wanted is to just buy a set of stamps to use myself. I knew by then that a kiosk at Robinson’s Forum is selling stamps so I went ahead and buy one.

But then again, I was not contented with just one set. So I went ahead and did a couple of other stamps for myself! If in case you want to try it out, here are the supplies you need:

Craft knife. The famous one is called X-acto Knife but the one I had is Lotus (got from DIY Handyman). Don’t mind the cologne because I was supposed to include it in my tutorial but sadly, it failed.

Aside from craft knives, you can also use wood and linoleum engraving tools. You can purchase it at local craft stores. In Manila, you can buy it at Deovir (not just for your craft needs but an art supplies heaven).

Rubber Erasers. I have bought them from National Bookstore. Go for the cheap ones of course.

Your design/s. You can have it printed on a transfer paper or maybe draw your own using a 6B pencil (so that the lines will be heavy enough).

But before anything else, consider first where you are going to use the stamp/s for. It will help you look out for inspirations online to use for your design. Stamps are commonly used to label stuff like documents, letters and envelopes; also for designing wraps, invitations, notepads, walls, shirts and textiles, and many others.

It is easier to make things if you have a personal use for them. I have seen a lot of creative usage of stamps online so I guess nobody would ever dare to ask me, “where the heck am I going to use it?” Besides, the process itself is fun (good for stress and anger management :D)

So, Let’s start!


1. Draw your design using pencil (Note: Make sure you are designing for the size of your erasers). I used a 6B on mine so that it will be easier to transfer it on the erasers I have bought. They have a glossy finish on them and I had a hard time transferring the images using nail polish remover, cologne and water (that’s why I went ahead with pencils).

You can also use charcoal or ordinary pencils if you like, just as long as they have a dark lead. I suggest that you do heavy lines if it’s your first time to do this (like what I did).

2. Cut the design and transfer it on the eraser upside down. Rub it just enough so that the image will be transferred. In this way, I don’t need to do my design or my texts on the eraser itself backwards.

Some have suggested to print your design using a regular home printer (if you are going to design it on Photoshop) and use a nail polish remover to transfer your design on the eraser. As mentioned, it didn’t worked for me (even with cologne, alcohol, or water). Two Cheese Please suggested to use transfer papers. It’s up to you guys, whichever is more convenient.

4. Carve, carve and carve! Just be careful with your lines, and most especially with your hands!

5. Test your stamp if it’s all good to go. Carve again the excess if it shows on the paper. If you want to put handles on your stamps, you can use wood for that. I am all good with mine without it.

Here’s what I did:


1. You can print your design and trace all the black parts with your pencil. I have done it with my chevron stamp.

2. You can play with your ink to give out a nice and quirky design like what Life After Breakfast has done (her blog is sooo cool). You can purchase an un-inked pad at National Bookstore.

3. You can use poster colors or even acrylic paints to have a heavier color consistency. Make sure to wash your stamp right away because they harden as they dry.


Moustache stamps for gift tags.

Geometric shapes. This is a great idea if you are planning to do patterns.

Address stamps. Not only for your letters but for your books and other belongings.

Invitations and note cards.

Decoration. I find this cute and I am going to make ones like these.

There’s a whole lot more to do with rubber stamps. I hope you have enjoyed this post. I’ll see you again next week.

PS Some photos are not mine. The sources are linked to the photos itself. Some+Drama will go through some change so please stay close and check it out!


12 thoughts on “DIY Rubber Stamp (Steps and Ideas)

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    • It’s fun doing them! You can start on a rubber eraser too with an Xacto or craft knife 🙂 Let me know if have started doing yours, I would love to check them out! 🙂

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